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Is the GCash Application Worth It? My Honest GCash App Review Philippines

Gcash App Review Philippines

Have you ever experienced sending money through remittance centers like MLuilier or transacting in a bank where you need a lot of patience, especially on busy days? Somehow you’ve encountered waiting as if you’re waiting forever. It’s time-consuming and a hassle, right? However, you don’t have a choice but to keep on waiting.

Well, I feel you because I used to go to a remittance center just to send money to the province. Until the digital way of sending money, online transactions, mobile banking, or various applications (apps) came into the picture. You can transfer money even in the comfort of your home or at your convenience.

Today, I’ll be sharing one of the most used and helpful apps. None other than -  GCash! Let’s dive into my Gcash app review Philippines! 

GCash App Review Philippines: Overview

How to Make a GCash Account? 

Before moving on, do you already have a GCash account? If not yet, making your account is simple. 

First thing first, download the GCash application which is available in Google Play Store or Apple Store. It’s only free. Then, go through the process by providing necessary details like your name, mobile number, and address. In addition, you’ll need to upload a valid ID to verify your identity and the information you shared. And that’s it! You are ready to explore the features and services of an amazing app. 

What’s Inside the GCash App?

Gcash is a mobile service application in the Philippines powered by Globe. It’s an electronic wallet or e-wallet of yours that you can carry with your phone and where you can transact cashless. Isn’t that amazing to have? 

But wait, what’s inside the GCash app? Aside from ₱₱₱, ₱₱₱, let’s get to know the features or services of Gcash as discussed below.

  • Home is where you can find your available balance, deals or promotions, shortcut buttons like cash in and help, and various services. As you click ‘View All Services’, all Gcash services will appear such as Send, Pay, Borrow, Grow, Enjoy, Manage, and Others services.

  • Basically, all the messages related to your everyday transactions are being sent to your Inbox. Before, there were text messages or SMS sent to your mobile number. However, as GCash upgraded, messages from GCash were already found inside the app’s inbox.

  • From the name itself, QR is a part of GCash where you can generate a QR code to be used in paying for your purchases. Or you scan the QR code the store or merchant provides as you pay for an item.

  • Transactions is a section in GCash where the history of incoming and outgoing amounts are recorded with their respective details for instance, if you pay a particular bill or buy load. But transactions are limited only and you need to submit a request if you can’t find a certain transaction history. Especially if it’s months ago, you need to send a request for it.

  • Of course, the Profile is where your details like GCash number and name can be found. Also, it's in your profile where you can check your verification level along with its benefits. Plus you can link a bank account by going to ‘My Linked Accounts’ in your profile. It’s helpful when you do cash in from your bank account. Or you have your GCash Card to link for ATM transactions. Lastly, terms and conditions are there to read for you to know the set rules by GCash.

GCash App Review Philippines: My Honest Experience of Using

Now we’ve come to the highlight of this article - my honest review of using the GCash app!

Are you ready to hear?! 

As I’ve said earlier, GCash has been amazingly helpful to me until today. With the concerns I had when it comes to money transfers, GCash has incredibly solved it. Overall, I’m super satisfied using this mobile application. 

Thus, to emphasize my GCash application review, the most used services in the GCash app are as follows:

  • First of my favorites are Express Send and Bank Transfer because both give me the easiest and fastest way of sending money in the province. I can do the transaction even when I'm at the office or without leaving at home. In an instant, my sibling who was a student could easily get the money he needed. True enough, it’s time-saving, hassle-free, and less effort for me. Note that to use this service, your recipient has a GCash account or bank account too.

  • Next is Pay Bills where I can pay my Sunlife premiums conveniently. I can even schedule a particular bill payment to avoid skipping the due dates. All I need is to monitor once in a while, not every month.

  • Other services I like are GLoan and GCredit. Wait, don’t get me wrong on the idea of loans and credit. You might be thinking I encourage you to have debts which I advocate for debt-free finances. However, these loan services of GCash aren’t bad to try. Aside from low interest and a flexible or doable payment schedule, it helps when you need extra cash. You have to be responsible enough in using it so that it won’t complicate your finances.

  • Lastly, GInvest which I started to invest in GFunds as low as ₱50.00. Basically, the less amount you invest less return too. Otherwise, the more you invest, the more you’ll get its return. Always remember that you should invest what you can afford to lose. Nevertheless, GInvest is good for investing beginners like me and someone who doesn’t like to take a huge risk in investments. Perhaps you too. Note that for now other categories in GInvest are yet to access but soon to come.

GCash App Review Philippines: Pros and Cons

To conclude this GCash application review, let me summarize in this section the advantages I mentioned earlier. Also, not to be biased, the disadvantages will be listed too.


  • Fast and easy sending of money

  • Schedule feature of paying bills

  • Time-saving, hassle-free, and effortless to use

  • Borrow money instantly as long as you’re qualified with GCash conditions

  • All in application because you can send, pay, borrow, save, invest, and more.


  • Limited transaction history in the app

  • Unpredictable app maintenance

  • Though already applied and approved with GLoan, there’s still pre-qualification for the next application and so on.

  • Even though GCash has security measures, still hacking issues exist

  • When a mobile phone is lost, someone else possibly can access your GCash account.

There you go - my GCash app review Philippines!

For those of you who have no GCash account yet, may this honest review help you decide to make an account. Also, for those of you who already have this app, may you find it amazingly helpful and able to maximize its use. Lastly, for those of you who dislike GCash and are not using it, will you comment on why? Or can you share in the comment section another app you’re currently using with the benefits that capture your heart? I would be glad to see and read it.

Remember, technology keeps on upgrading and applications like GCash are rising to make people’s daily transactions easier and faster. Therefore, let’s maximize using them while they’re free!

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May 10
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Convenient for transfers especially if online banking is not available.

6 days ago
Replying to

Hello to you. Thanks for sharing your experience and commenting on this particular blog.

If you have a topic in mind that you'd like to know further, feel free to suggest and will consider it for future blogs.

Also, if you want to receive blogs like this direct to your inbox, I'm encouraging you to subscribe through this link []. It's totally free!

Hope to see you in subscribers list:)

God bless!


Karla Obispo
Karla Obispo
Apr 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I use GCash every day but if I were to choose, I prefer Maya because of the 10% interest I get daily from Maya savings. I prefer to use online transactions most of the time. Sobrang hassle lang talaga pag bigla silang offline tapos wala akong cash na dala.

Apr 22
Replying to

Hi Karla, thanks for your comments and suggestions about Maya savings will look into it. Thank you!

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