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Miss Intropendent

Intropendent and Writer....

I'm an introvert independent (intropendent) who loves to write. Writing is my loudest voice to express my ideas. Through writing, I can be myself and make an impact in an extroverted world.

I started to write when I was in grade 6 and lasted until college years. Back then I wrote love stories because during that time I’m an avid fan of reading romance novels. The funny thing about my writing that time was that I used my classmates’ names as characters of my written stories. Plus, there were really times that love teams became lovers in real life. Well, I was glad knowing my written love stories were like doors to people’s real life love stories.


Moreover, my writing in the past was the traditional way. I literally wrote on a pen and paper. I used the remaining pages of my notebooks. Somehow, being resourceful was already applied when I just started.

Writing Journey....

Years later, it came to my knowledge that I could monetize my passion for writing. Yes, you read it right. You can make money in writing. Or shall I say that you can monetize your passion aside from your profession.

How did I get my first paid writing gig? As mentioned above, writing is my loudest voice whenever ideas pop up into my mind. With that said, in the year 2020 when freelancing came into my knowledge, I enrolled in a paid course about it. There, I was able to come across with social media management where I can make money in preparing, writing, and scheduling social media posts. So, to cut the long story short, my first paid gig was Facebook and Instagram posts for the social presence of a food business. It was a great experience because from there I was able to get a crystal clear idea on what to offer and whom to offer. In addition, I was able to join a genuine writing group in the year 2021 which also helped me to get a clear direction of my writing journey. 


Thus, in the year 2021 I got my first ideal client with writing services a client needed that time. It was really a miraculous blessing because I got a high-end client. This 2021 experience motivated me to pitch more prospects which eventually overflowed in the year 2022. Yes it’s true, not being prideful. When a co-writer of mine asked for my journey in writing, I was amazed while looking back at the year 2022 where writing gigs kept on coming. In the same year, I was able to get another ideal client which really boosted my confidence in writing services. Thankfully, this particular client is still a client up to today.

Not to be biased, there were times I was thinking of giving up. Especially when the year 2023 had hit differently. In fact, most months of the said year I disconnected with writing. However, writing helped me cope up with the personal issues I’ve experienced that time. Fast forward, despite my limiting beliefs, doubts, personal pains, discouragements, and all negativities around, I was able to launch my website, blogs, and facebook profile page. True enough, I can see progress today when reminiscing about my beginnings. Although my writing journey is still a work in progress, I'm happy how far I stepped into the first step. Also, there’s more to expect in this journey. One thing is for sure, God is giving me this gift of writing with a beautiful purpose.

Challenge Coming Soon....

Despite being an introvert, sheneri wants to make a difference and be able to impact someone's life even in an extroverted world. It's because I love to inspire people's growth through my simple ways.

With that being said, I'm looking forward to share my introvert independent living through a minivlog. Miss Intropendent (introvert independent) is coming soon!

Nevertheless for now, please support my personal finance blogs and connect with the writing services you need.

-I am sheneri.

Me attending leadership training
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